Museums as Cultural Hubs: The Future of Tradition
25th ICOM General Conference: ICOM Kyoto 2019

A record-breaking audience of 4,590 participants from 120 countries and territories gathered in Kyoto to tackle a wide variety of issues under the umbrella of sustainable development: from decolonization and restitution to cultural diversity, from disaster risk management to local development. Beyond the walls of the conference center, other thousands of citizens from 96 countries followed the live streaming on social media and joined the conversation. After a week of thought-provoking debates, plenaries, workshops and 231 ICOM Committees, there are many lessons for participants to learn and many changes for them to make on every level. This ranges from reducing the environmental impact of ICOM's actions to continuing to foster a clear and open conversation on the museum definition.


Plenary Session: Curating Sustainable Futures Through Museums

Plenary Session: The Museum Definition - The backbone of ICOM

Plenary Session: Museums in Times of Disaster

Plenary Session: Asian Art Museums & Collections around the World

Kengo KUMA: The Age of Forest

Sebastião SALGADO: A Brazilian Amazon Forest Initiative

CAI Guo-Qiang: My Museum Years